Honoring the social responsibility

All corporates have a duty to take care of the environment, be socially responsible and when you get the love, admiration, and trust of so many people, there is a natural urge to be socially responsible.

The Great India Place Mall is a vibrant community space, and other than the business needs, we are geared to positively influence social and environmental issues affecting the community.

We are socially responsible and proudly associated with the Clean India Campaign driven by Government of India.

TGIP is continuously involved in supporting the community and charity initiatives which benefit those in need. Every year, TGIP hosts and partakes in charitable initiatives and activities which help those in need and supports individuals and groups who are less fortunate than others.

Events hosted at TGIP, for the benefit of the local community, include free health check-ups, blood donation days, motivational programs for disabled children and international health awareness days.

For more information and enquiries relating to Corporate Social Responsibility, please get in touch with TGIP’s PR department at support@thegreatindiaplace.in.



The Great India Place held Anti-tobacco awareness program in collaboration with Metro Hospitals and Heart Institutes to create awareness and to provide free health check-up. The program/camp included checking of blood pressure/ blood sugar, ECG, ECHO screening (if required); free consultation with senior physicians, physiotherapists, and a Talk on how Tobacco affects your body.


Any industry no matter how big or small has its carbon footprints which need to be compensated for. One of the best ways is to improve the environment. We believe in promoting clean, green, and healthy living. Every three months we set a date on which we go out and plant a tree each to do our bit in making the surrounding area green.


Breast Cancer Awareness Programme:
Breast cancer is an alarming concern amongst women. People need to be sensitized towards it and so, during October which is the breast cancer awareness month, we encourage our employees and shop tenants to wear a pink ribbon to show their support and raise awareness about breast cancer through talks and giving out informative pamphlets.


We encourage all our tenants to keep donation boxes at their billing counters to collect and provide as much aid as possible to those in need. Every year we collaborate with different NGOs and help them help us become a better corporate.